FisheyeDewarpManager Use this manager to changed the settings of the dewarp done on the Fisheye camera (the camera on top of Keecker). 

Use this to get access to Keecker sdk functionalities

Some functionlalities are currently available through android sdk like:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Cameras
  • Volume control
  • Microphone
  • GPS
  • Battery
  • Wifi/Bluetooth

Some features are not yet implemented or available in keecker sdk but are on the road map:

  • Keecker user access: (unique id of user connected/authorized on Keecker)
  • Shock detection
  • Follow people
  • Moving obstacle detection
  • People detection
MapStorageManager Use this manager to retrieve the user's saved rooms / spots / maps, etc. 
NavigationManager Use this manager to move Keecker around autonomously or manually, monitor Keecker's velocity and obstacles around it, disable obstacle avoidance, etc. 
PlanManager Use this manager to send Keecker to spots, rooms, etc. 
ProjectorManager Use this manager to change Keecker's projector settings such as tilt, focus, brightness, contrast, etc.