Keecker opened

The Keecker Android SDK allows to develop apps specifically for Keecker. It provides a low level access to sensors and movement, as well as higher level information:

  • Front and 360 cameras
  • Depth camera and proximity sensors
  • Movement commands and location on the map
  • Wall and charging station detection

Do I need this SDK?

Programming an Android application on its own has to be learned. Depending on what you want to program, you may be able to use simpler options.

You should use this SDK if you:

  • are familiar with the Android development environment,
  • need real time access to sensors and movements, to develop an interactive application for example,
  • want to distribute your application to any Keecker user via the Google Play Store.

You may not need this SDK if you want to:

  • Automate actions, see Blockly.
  • Prototype robot algorithms, see the ROS application.

How it works

A Keecker application is like any other Android application. The Keecker Android SDK allows your app to communicate with the Keecker Services, to get information not available on typical Android devices.

Keecker Android SDK